Overview of Equipment

Hybrid Series

Hybrid Series

The Hybrid Series is equipped with two main evaporation sources from Kobelco.
It is mainly used as R&D equipment and expands the possibilities of R&D and production of high-performance film in various industrial fields.

Equipment Features

Enables high-end, original coating

It is equipped with two evaporation sources (AIP® and UBMS®) and allows complex, high-end coating through alternating or simultaneous discharge.

Details of evaporation sources
Compatible with CE, UL, and customer safety standards

Specifications can be customized to meet international safety standards. We can also tailor the specifications to meet your needs for safety standards developed in-house.

It is equipped with two evaporation sources (AIP® and UBMS®)
Basic Equipment Specifications
Minimum space for installation 6 m × 6 m
Effective coating area ø450 mm × H 500 mm
Number of evaporation sources R&D: 3 sources × 2 surfaces
UBMS®: 1 source × 2 surfaces
Substrate table ø130 × 6 axes, Rotation/revolution
Max loading weight of substrates Max. 180 kg
Typical application Medium-scale production
Tools, automobile parts,dies and molds (medium-scale)
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