Overview of Equipment

Kobelco has been performing R&D and selling PVD systems since 1986. We have sold over 600 PVD deposition systems worldwide. Our systems are highly acclaimed in various fields, including cutting tools, automobile parts, mechanical parts, molds, electronic parts, aviation parts, and medical equipment.
Leveraging the coating technology and sales expertise we have cultivated over the years, we continue to lead the coating industry.

Three Features of Kobelco Coating Systems

Customizable specifications tailored to your needs(some systems excluded)

We can flexibly meet your needs by customizing specifications according to international safety standards and customers' safety standards and by adjusting the layout to suit your installation space.

We can customize the hardware such as the type of evaporation source according to the required film performance.

We can change various specifications such as the type and quantity of evaporation source, deposition distribution, and deposition rate to suit the required film performance. We will customize the system according to your budget.

Overview of Evaporation Sources(Cathode)
Top sales worldwide of PVD coating systems

Kobelco PVD coating systems are the top selling systems (for external sales) worldwide. In addition, many of our customers who purchase their first system give high acclaim for reliability, maintainability, and work efficiency, and they return to purchase additional systems. We have gained a large amount of trust and patronage from customers who actually operate our systems and know the operation site well.

Equipment Lineup

AIP® Series (arc ion plating system)

The AIP® Series is equipment used in coatings that include titanium nitride, titanium aluminum nitride, and other nitrides for the deposition of film with high hardness and high adhesion.

  • AIP®-S Series
    AIP®-S Series

    This is the standard PVD system model offered by Kobelco. Our long seller with a track record of more than 20 years.

  • AIP®-G Series
    AIP®-G Series

    This large system was developed to improve film performance and film thickness distribution for large scale production.

  • AIPocket™

    This general-purpose model is affordable in terms of cost, delivery time, and size.

UBMS® Series (sputtering system)
UBMS® Series

The Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering System (UBMS®) Series is mainly used for diamond-like carbon (DLC) film coating and is used by customers in various industries including parts, tools, dies, and molds.

Hybrid Series (hybrid system)
Hybrid Series

The Hybrid Series has two main evaporation sources from Kobelco and enables complex, high-end coating.

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