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AIPocket™ is a general-purpose model developed to enable more customers to use AIP® deposition equipment.
It is equipped with our latest arc evaporation source, SFC, and the latest etching system, FAPE™-S, for high-performance coating. In addition, the design takes into consideration replacement of the target (film material) for rapid changing of the film type. Furthermore, by optimizing the vacuum exhaust system, a cycle time of 3 hours (in-house standard conditions) per batch is achieved. High productivity can be realized for low-volume, high-mix production.
We have a track record of delivering many units to tool manufacturers and contract manufacturers who handle low-volume, high-mix processing, and many customers who produce coatings in-house select this equipment as their first unit.

Equipment Features

Using the latest evaporation source as standard equipment

Kobelco's latest evaporation source, Super Fine Cathode (SFC), is used as standard equipment. It allows formation of a thick film with good surface roughness and high-end film performance.

Details of evaporation sources
Optimal equipment specifications for low-volume, high-mix production

The size of the processing furnace (chamber) has been decreased, thereby reducing the processing time. The film material can be easily replaced, making it perfect for low-volume, high-mix production.

Reasonably priced and quick delivery

Since AIPocket™ is a general-purpose model, it has a more reasonable price point than other products. In addition, we always have several units in stock and can deliver them with a relatively short turnaround time.

Basic Equipment Specifications
Size Equipment size 1.4 × 1.9 × 2.2m
Effective coating area ø360 mm × H 300 mm
Equipment weight 2.2 t
Productivity Installed quantity / ø6 × H 70mm (axis object assumed) 288 pcs. / 1 batch
Typical cycle time 3 hours / 1 batch
Arc evaporation source Super Fine Cathode (SFC) 4 sources (2 sources×2 surfaces)
Substrate table Number of table axes ø130 mm × 4 axes
Max. installation weight 160kg
Preprocessing method New gas etching, metal bombardment
Process gas system 3 systems
Supported standards CE marking
Notes 1) This is an international model with 400 V specifications.
  Provide a transformer when using in Japan.
2) This general-purpose model cannot be customized.
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