Overview of Equipment

Overview of Evaporation Sources (Cathode)

Lineup of Arc Evaporation Sources

Kobelco continues to develop evaporation sources as a core technology since the initial development of the PVD business.
The S Series offers a lineup of four evaporation sources, each with unique features. Choose from Normal Cathode (NC), Super Cathode (SC), Fine Cathode (FC), and Super Fine Cathode (SFC) as the evaporation source to best suit your application.
We can also propose the optimal evaporation source according to your application and business, and help customize the equipment to tailor it to your design and specifications.


Arc Evaporation Sources for ta-C Deposition

We have developed evaporation sources for deposition of ta-C film (carbon film), which has gained attention recently. The AIP®-S Series also allows deposition of ta-C film.

Features of Kobelco Carbon Evaporation Sources
  1. 1. StableStable discharge improves the target utilization rate and enables long-term operation
  2. 2. SmoothProvides smooth films without the use of a filter
  3. 3. Simple Simple construction allows easy target replacement

We created an optimized magnetic field design based on our experience and technology cultivated through the development of flat- and rod-type targets, and we developed a round bar-type carbon evaporation source for ta-C deposition.

Arc Evaporation Sources for ta-C Deposition
ta-C Film
Hydrogen-free DLC (ta-C, tetrahedral amorphous carbon)

This film is characterized by high hardness and a low coefficient of friction under a specific lubricating oil. It is widely used for aluminum cutting tools and automobile sliding parts such as valve lifters.

ta-C Film

Sputtering Evaporation Source (UBMS®)

Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering System (UBMS®) is a sputtering evaporation source developed in-house by Kobelco. Gas ions are collided with the deposition raw material target and sputtered atoms are deposited on the workpiece, forming a film with better surface roughness than arc ion plating (AIP®). In addition, since it is possible to deposit diamond-like carbon (DLC), it is well received in applications such as automobile parts and molds that require smoother surfaces.

Features of Kobelco UBMS®
  1. 1. Unlike conventional sputtering systems, a non-equilibrium magnetic field is used to strengthen plasma at deposition.
  2. 2. The magnetic field configuration is optimized to improve the ion assist effect, which is effective for film quality control.
  3. 3. A structure with a middle layer of DLC film is created, achieving high adhesion.
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