Film Properties

SG (Chromium Nitride)

SG film is relatively soft (softer than titanium nitride film or titanium aluminum film), and therefore, the internal compressive stress is low, and it features excellent adhesion and thickness. In addition, SG film has a low coefficient of friction and is used as a replacement for DLC film, and it is being used in a wide variety of fields, centering on automobile parts.

Recommended Applications

• Automobile parts
• Air conditioner compressor parts
• Hydraulic parts
• Machine tool parts, etc.

Application Examples

Piston Rings

Piston rings are used to close the gap between the engine cylinder and piston. By preventing leaks of combustion gases, it works to convert the energy generated inside the combustion chamber into driving force without waste.
Since piston rings are used in very harsh environments, various surface treatments such as chromium plating, spraying, and nitriding are used for sliding surfaces to improve durability. Starting in the early 1990s, there has been a growing need for surface treatment with high resistance to seizing and wear due to the high load of small diesel engines for recreational vehicles (RVs), and as a result, chromium nitride (CrN) film has been used on piston rings for increased durability even in harsh conditions.

Piston Rings
Achieves Excellent Wear Resistance
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